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Escape traditional lounge seating and take an adventure with Islands–a modular bench collection from Arcadia that is comprised of center seats and circular pedestal bases that create flowing ensembles of seated bliss. With multiple connection points allowing maximum flexibility in scale and configuration creativeness, Islands is inviting in small and large spaces alike. Arcadia
Vetrazzo Red countertops are unique; red recycled glass countertops even more so. Vetrazzo's Firehouse Red is also "green" because it reuses rare recycled red glass and creates a surface with the durability and physical properties of granite, giving the glass a long new life.
Allermuir's Pause provides the perfect place to go when not at a desk or in traditional meeting environments. The modules are designed to interact, allowing users the freedom to configure environments that best support their immediate needs. All products from the collection are designed for longevity and this product is almost totally recyclable. Allermuir
To Market To Market's Ozoloc features an environmentally friendly, adhesive-free, patented and innovative connecting technology. Designed for high-traffic areas in commercial interiors, Ozoloc can be installed directly over most old flooring, with no floor prep, as a floating and glue-less locking tile floor system. Offered in four styles, Ozoloc’s "ceramic bead barrier" technology will not chip or crack and requires no wax, no stripping, and no buffing of the floor at any time.

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The Allsteel Link light, with its extraordinarily slim halo-shaped head and well-articulated arm, is a high-performance and high design LED task light. The head, conveniently forming its own handle, can be readily gripped and adjusted in a 180-degree rotation, remaining cool to the touch thanks to advanced LED chip-onboard technology. The Allsteel Link light uses minimal energy, and is designed for 10 to 15 years of daily use. Link is 97 percent recyclable at its end of life. Allsteel
CF Stinson CF Stinson introduces Rolling Stones. Tranquility and Serenity combine with High-Performance in this bleach cleanable, durable new pattern. All colors are protected by GreenShield soil and stain protection. As health care environments bring in natural light with larger windows, fabrics can fade. This pattern features enhanced colorfastness to light that is five times the industry standard.
Wani, new from Source One Wallcoverings, is inspired by the rough, textured look of alligator skin and is appropriately named after the Japanese word for this reptile. The deep, irregular emboss and rich, luminescent colors of this pattern will add drama and intrigue to any setting. Source One Wallcoverings
StonePeak Ceramics StonePeak Ceramics' Cottage is a thru-color collection that replicates the look of natural wood and is enhanced by a slightly distressed texture. The four appealing colors–Beach House, Country Farm, Mountain Retreat and City Loft–include both classic and contemporary shades and are available in three modular sizes (12-inch by 24-inch, 6-inch by 24-inch and 4-inch by 24-inch) complemented by trims and mosaics.

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Gunlocke's Vili Collection brings contemporary style, an innovative silhouette, a wide range of materials, and comfort to guest seating. Vili is a versatile option that not only works in a private office setting, but easily translates and adds a surprising design element to high-use spaces. Gunlocke
J+J Invision Inspired by the whimsical images of jugglers and acrobats, J+J | Invision's newest collection, Night at the Circus, includes a broad spectrum of patterns that were designed to provide a canvas for a wide variety of interiors. Clowning Around (featured), one of the six products in this collection, is a spirited pattern of overlapping circles with varying scales.
HBF introduces the Linea Casegood Series. Rendering a unique combination of texture and proportion, the diverse palette of materials–wood veneer, paint, metal, leather, glass, stone, and solid surface materials–provide for countless specification options. Innovative asymmetrical overhead storage options and LED lighting systems are balanced by subtle details, such as recessed plinth bases and extruded aluminum shelving with wood veneer and painted inlays. HBF
Agati Comprised of a series of streamlined and structurally sound components, Agati's Elements is versatile in function and sleek in style. Whether it's a single private office or an eight-person computer station, Elements adapts to fit the number of users as well as their individual and group needs.

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Landscape Patterns is the next chapter in the award-winning Manufactured Landscapes Collection. Designed for Tandus by Suzanne Tick, Landscape Patterns offers three designs that can be applied to both 24-inch modular and Powerbond to build Pattern Inlays within the floor plane. The patent-pending Pattern Inlay concept allows designers to build hybrid floors in free-flowing landscapes that eliminate pattern fatigue and define, delineate, brand, highlight, and ground spaces. Tandus
Ahrend Ahrend introduces Jetstream, an airstream-design minimalist table desk inspired by KLM Royal Dutch Airline jets. A Chicago Athenaeum "Good Design" Award winner, Jetstream installs and moves easily by one person to meet workplace needs in reception rooms; upper management and executive offices; open plan or private meeting spaces; physician’s offices; and it can also be used for work tables or table desks in upscale retail boutiques or merchandise showrooms.
Wall-mounted and easily reconfigurable, W/R/S–a new Wall Rail System from Teknion–supports worksurfaces and storage (including a broad fascia program) and provides power and data management capability. W/R/S not only introduces a new way to plan around building walls, but offers greater freedom to customize due to multiple frame options, fascia and storage configurations, as well as an integrated fabric and finish program. Teknion
Nevins Nevins' Green Arc training tables provide an eco-friendly option for collaborative furniture without compromising style, durability or functionality. In addition to its durability, the series offers a high level of functionality with flipping, folding, power, and linking options—allowing the conversion of standard office space into a functional and collaborative environment.

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The fabrics of Clodagh's Global Passage Collection, created exclusively for Duralee, were designed just as Clodagh designs her environments: carefully considered contents with every thread and color chosen for its ability to enhance its surroundings and provide balance. Practical and sensual with a sense of comfort that is not only tactile but also visual, the fabrics featured in the five color books of Global Passage inspire individuality and promote rejuvenation. Clodagh for Duralee
Duravit USA The PuraVida Collection from Duravit USA brings poetic purity and clarity of form to the bathroom–fusing minimalism and elegance to create a sleek, yet gentle, flowing and graceful look. In designing PuraVida, Schönherr and partner Andreas Haug sought to modify pure geometry in order to create a sense of gentle movement.
Designed for use in open plenum spaces and other areas that require improved noise control, Armstrong Ceiling Systems' SoundScapes Shapes family of acoustical clouds provide spot acoustics while enhancing design flexibility. Offered in one of the broadest standard lines of acoustical shapes in the industry, the clouds can be installed as individual units or grouped together to create unlimited visual combinations. Armstrong Ceiling Systems
Patcraft Designweave Patcraft Designweave's See It To Believe It Collection is made up of two styles: Moving On Up, which renders positive and negative geometric pattern elements that move up and down in scale and contrast level; and, Easy On The Eyes (featured), which incorporates textural blocks of color that morph in size and character across individual tiles and in visual combinations on the floor. It is creatively designed with colors, patterns, scales and textures that allow you to mingle tile direction, merge dye lots and mix things up.

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The foundation of the Tune Table design–from Davis Furniture Industries–starts with the unique 10-degree angled support frame. The program offers three systems: a complete modular system for creating configurations; freestanding meeting tables with jewel-like cross bases; and straight conference tables for boardrooms. Davis Furniture Industries
Flos Chasen, designed for Flos by Patricia Urquiola, is a suspension lamp that provides diffused lighting. Chasen consists of a chemically photo-etched stainless steel body and borosilicate diffuser, a die-cast aluminum base, and a 30 percent fiberglass reinforced polyamide ceiling rose attached to a pressed and galvanized steel ceiling fixture. In this version, the light emission can be adjusted by means of a mechanical movement that opens the louvers, thereby varying the shape of the luminaire.
Introducing Alterno from Dauphin. From meeting forums to touchdown spaces, Alterno's distinctive appearance is a stylish solution for blending function with design wherever needed. With one simple movement of the body, Alterno's function shifts from an armchair into a working area, complete with a tablet for writing and three different sitting positions. Dauphin
Lea Ceramiche Digi Quartz is a new collection of porcelain stoneware tiles from Lea Ceramiche that is produced using its latest technology: Lea Full HD. Digi Quartz is based on a selection of the best natural quartzite and reproduced in a unique way. Suitable for elegant interiors and exteriors, the collection has all the advantages of great design and technical performance.

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