Embry-Riddle's New Headquarters by STH Architectural Group

Incorporating sustainable design principles creates an environmentally conscious facility.

The Administrative and Worldwide Headquarters of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, developed by the STH Architectural Group, a LEO A DALY company, reflects the progressive identity of the university and its constituents. 

Situated at the most well-traveled intersection in Daytona Beach, FL, the five-story brick, cast panel and blue reflective glass building, along with its 80-foot-high mast, creates a new iconic image for this international institution.

Housing the university’s administration and worldwide divisions, the 108,000-square-foot building features a five-story glass atrium with an elliptical shape that reflects an aeronautical emphasis.

The interior layout creates a welcoming and efficient environment for staff and visitors alike. The west wing includes a 500-seat lecture room on the ground floor and a conference center on the second floor. A bridge spans the atrium to connect the conference center to the second floor offices on the east wing, while another bridge suspended from the atrium roof overlooks the north and south ends of the space.

The project also incorporates sustainable design principles, creating an environmentally conscious facility. The deliberate placement of glass-enclosed offices along the perimeter helps maximize daylight. The angle of the building restricts the amount of heat absorbed by the windows, while the terraces on the north side take advantage of the building’s natural shade for year-round use. The building is expected to receive LEED® Silver certification upon its completion (estimated for late 2012).

For more information, visit www.sth-arch.com or go to www.leoadaly.com.