Desk System: c:scape by Steelcase


Desk System: c:scape by Steelcase

2009 Readers' Choice Awards Winners: Desk System

  • c:scape by Steelcase

    c:scape by Steelcase


    c:scape by Steelcase View larger

    c:scape by Steelcase
  • MultiStation OS by Three H

    MultiStation OS by Three H


    Honorable Mention:
    MultiStation OS by Three H View larger

    MultiStation OS by Three H
  • Tribeca by David Austin

    Tribeca by David Austin


    Honorable Mention:
    Tribeca by David Austin View larger

    Tribeca by David Austin

c:scape™ is a new series of furniture and media solutions designed to help people connect and collaborate, quickly and seamlessly. Every component was designed to help individuals and small groups perform and connect better. With c:scape, Steelcase took a holistic approach to function, considering three key elements: social (what matters to people); information (how people access and share information); and spatial (how space can help). Open sight lines, integrated technology, multi-purpose components, adjustability and rich materiality help to deliver high functionality and performance.

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Honorable Mention:

Three H | MultiStation OS

David Austin | Tribeca


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