Energy Efficient Glass Block Panels by Pittsburgh Corning


Energy Efficient Glass Block Panels by Pittsburgh Corning


Pittsburgh Corning announces the expansion of its LightWise Architectural Systems to include Energy Efficient Glass Block Panels. These engineered systems increase energy efficiency and help lower heating and cooling costs by letting in visible light and reducing thermal transmittance.


Specifically engineered for efficiency, every block in the panel works like an energy-efficient window. Each block features a low-E coated glass panel sandwiched inside the block to filter out most of the solar energy. Although solar heat gain is reduced by 60 percent, the panels, like all of the LightWise Systems, still allow for superior daylighting while significantly reducing cooling costs. With an insulating U-value of 0.34 unframed (0.38 framed), the panels can also help keep heating costs in line.


Company Profile: Pittsburgh Corning Corp

As part of LightWise Architectural Systems, these Energy Efficient Glass Block Panels will be available in pre-fabricated systems to help architects more easily and effectively use glass block in virtually any building or space. The systems all offer a range of visibility and privacy options, are graffiti-resistant, damage resistant, and easy to clean.


The customizable panels are framed by a 2-piece aluminum channel and are either mill finished, anodized clear, or bronze. In addition to being useful in utilizing daylighting, the panels can also help contribute LEED points toward a project.


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