UNA-CLIP by Firestone Metal Products


UNA-CLIP by Firestone Metal Products


With the new UNA-CLIP, installation of the UNA-CLAD Series 3000 is “A SNAP”. The patent-pending UNA-CLIP is an innovative new option on the UNA-CLAD Series 3000 aluminum plate wall panel system from Firestone Metal Products, providing significant time savings and increased accuracy during installation.


Typical plate systems utilize mechanical clips that require measuring, clamping, and drilling in the field. The Series 3000UC panels are pre-engineered and fabricated with slots cut to the precise measurement, reducing the time needed to locate and attach clips to the panels, and eliminating the need to drill slots in the panels. The UNA-CLIP snaps into place quickly for unprecedented time savings (up to 90-percent time reduction in clip installation per panel).


Pre-engineered and pre-located slots also minimize errors made during installation. Panels are installed correctly the first time, eliminating unnecessary steps and rework. The UNA-CLIP is also designed to better accommodate thermal movement in the panel.


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