Inspired by the eye-catching sparkle of cosmetics, Lamin-Art introduced the first pearlescent high-pressure decorative laminates to the North American market in 1984. And to celebrate the 25th anniversary of these lustrous products, it just launched an expanded Pearlescence Solid Colors collection of 50 colors and six finishes, for a total of 300 mix and match design options.

Incorporating both timeless and avant-garde hues that can be specified in any of the six finishes: Textured, Gloss, Chrysalis®, Catalyst®, and the new Wisp and Crisscross, the Pearlescence collection offers design professionals the ability to personalize their interiors by creating unique, attractive, and cost-effective surfaces. Like all Lamin-Art high-pressure laminates, the new Pearlescence colors are GREENGUARD certified.

View the colors and finishes now at


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