Green Wall System by greenscreen


greenscreen® offers unique welded wire trellis systems, which feature a captive growing space that’s 3-inches deep to allow plants to intertwine and grow within the panel. Made from recycled steel, its easily adaptable attachment clip system can attach to a building façade and span openings between floors or horizontally between posts.

greenscreen green wall systems utilize plants to help increase energy efficiency by functioning as a natural exterior shading system, reducing heat build-up indoors. This system can improve air quality in interior and exterior applications. In addition to enhancing building aesthetics and providing structure protection, the greenscreen system also promotes urban reforestation.

greenscreen was founded on the environmental principals to “design with nature” and integrate plant material in the built environment. The current product line includes the trellis panel, attachment hardware, support posts, columns, custom shapes, and curved panels. The greenscreen system can benefit virtually every segment of the built environment, including educational facilities, parking structures, corporate campus environments, retail, bus and light rail transit shelters, parks and recreation facilities, government buildings, signage, interiors, hospitals, entertainment venues, and more.


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