2009 Architecture Engineering and Construction Outlook


New Study Reveals Shake-up in the Most Promising Markets for 2009

February 17, 2009
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Silver State’s Gytonia

Silver State’s Gytonia was inspired by the warm, gracious ambience of southern interior environments.



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Morpheo by Groupe Lacasse

Morpheo by Groupe Lacasse can be stylized to suit individual needs and tastes.



 New Study Reveals Shake-up in the Most Promising Markets for 2009
While healthcare still holds the top spot, three of last year's top five markets (higher education, K-12 schools, and the office market) did not even make the list in 2009.

 Green Purchasing Accreditation Program Announced
Professionals engaged in product procurement can now access a new training and certification program to ensure best practices in green purchasing. 

 Redefining the Off-Site Meeting Experience
Based on more than 15 years of research, Steelcase recently launched Workspring, a premium off-site space for organizations that want to maximize meeting effectiveness.

 Carpet Manufacturers Join ecoScorecard
BOLYU Contract and Cambridge Commercial Carpets have joined ecoScorecard, a Web-based tool that catalogs all of their green products and evaluates each product based on their environmental characteristics.


 ASID Update: A Pivotal New Year’s Resolution

By Bruce Brigham

Forgo the typical pledges to improve dietary habits, or increase exercise regimens, designers should make it a top priority to strengthen their personal brand in 2009.

New real wood veneer laminates from Treefrog.

Popular ebony looks, washed beachside oaks, and warm redwood hues come alive in Treefrog's 6 new pre-finished real wood veneer laminates, part of Treefrog's complete collection of over 50 veneer laminates.

Available in 4 x 8 foot sheets with a laminate backer for installation ease, Treefrog's unique process allows for a consistent veneer selection, no matter how large your design space.

Learn more at treefrogveneer.com.

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