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Transparent House created Concrete Art to refine a popular element of contemporary interior design known as polished concrete flooring. The design concept allows for application of any pattern to the surface, either when pouring or after the concrete has set. The fine floral ornaments promote the clean and simple character of the space while adding a touch of warm and live contrast and highlighting the cold austerity of the material.
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 Ilva S.A. has launched ECO Land, a fully-rectified technical porcelain tile series with a colored body. ECO Land is composed of natural compounds—such as clays, sand and water—that are fired at high temperatures to create porcelain tiles that are recommended for exterior walls, interior walls, and floors of both residential and commercial installations. ECO Land consists of seven colors to meet a wide range of commercial and residential applications.
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Marazzi USA introduces SOHO, a new line of porcelain stoneware for flooring and wall covering applications. SOHO’s rectified, oversized, square and plank formats counterpoint the relatively simple, tone-on-tone nuanced colors of field tile with fanciful, three-dimensional decorative wall modules that transform the everyday into the extraordinary. Art converges with geometry in clean, modern, color body porcelain that suggests the large, open spaces of metropolitan architecture and the eclectic area of the Big Apple from which it takes its name.
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The Lounge Series from Tile of Spain branded manufacturer, Inalco—shown here in New York (brown)—is a perfect example of what digital technology can do. These unexpected wall tiles look like Parisian paneled fabric with a wooden frame—perfect for a stunning boutique hotel lobby, home library, or any sophisticated room that needs a bit of warmth and panache. It is also available in Paris (white) or London (gray).  Remarkably, one would never know that it is ceramic tile until it is touched, making it a perfectly practical choice when it comes to maintenance and hygiene.
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