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illumiNation Event Dispels Myths About CFLs

The record is set straight on the new light bulb that's reshaping lighting for the new century

On Earth Day, April 22, an interactive online education event called illumiNation will be hosted by Aurora, OH-based TCP Inc.  The event will dispel misconceptions and set the record straight on the new light bulb that's reshaping lighting for the new century. Energy saving compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) are revolutionizing lighting around the world, but mixed reports about the benefits vs. the risks are leaving many consumers in the dark.

The event will focus on the "twisted truths" of CFLs, the most common concerns consumers have about the product, including:
  • CFLs contain mercury and are not good for the environment.
  • CFLs only come in one color.
  • CFLs can't be used in all applications.
  • CFLs are too expensive.
  • CFLs are not widely available.
  • CFLs cause migraines.

The event begins at 9:00 a.m. EDT and will be streamed lived on (www.tcpi.com/earthday). Participants in the event will have an opportunity to ask questions of lighting experts at the end of the program.



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