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Colorful Chameleon


Tap the potential of Amphenol Spectra-Strip's TapeLite®.
Create dynamic signage, fascinating facades, and wondrous walls with this dynamic, low-profile, flat plastic optical fiber ribbon illumination system: Its weaved, twisted fiber construction changes color like a chameleon to add a new dimension to a range of architectural applications. And what's more, there are no bulbs to burn out and no electricity needed.

TapeLite's flat, side-emitting fiber-optic cable accepts a range of illuminators including quartz-halogen and metalhalide lamps. Add color wheels for a variety of constant and changeable color options. Watch the color changes "move" across the cable! TapeLite can even be coupled with computer-controlled RGB LEDs for dynamic audio visualizations.

For green building designs, the system can be paired with a solar collector to provide nonelectrical daytime lighting throughout an office building that be switched for nighttime illumination to stored electrical power via a solar converter.

TapeLite is the new twist in architectural illumination.

A Lexan/aluminum mounting track is one mounting option for TapeLite. This high-end-type track can be used where  severe exposure to UV or mechanical abuse exists.

TapeLite's flexible, weaved structure can add a new dimension to your designs.

Key Advantages

  • Remote power source keeps electrical components at a safedistance
  • Perfect for wet or hazardous environments
  • No bulbs to burn out or replace in the cable
  • Effectively lights wide, broad areas with a single source
  • Can be made as continuous long length cable or withsections of twisted pairs for selective areas of light emission


  • Twister pair 1mm PMMA plastic optical fiber (POF)construction
  • Parallel untwisted sections for easy and effective light launchinto cable
  • Reflective laminate construction encapsulating the POF pairs
  • Clear PVC or PU extruded jackets available, flame retardant, UV- and fungus-resistant
  • .2- to 3-inch widths available