Interactive Lighting and Technology: Infinity Teens Disco


Interactive Lighting and Technology: Infinity Teens Disco

AV Awards e-Lunch & Learn Webinar Series

By John Gregerson


After reading the content, one should be able to:
1. Re-evaluate, identify, and reuse all material(s) of value when working with restricted budgets.
2. Understand different methods of using lighting to act as the primary architectural element within a space.
3. Use technology and lighting to synchronize a space and create an interactive experience.

When it was launched in 2001, Celebrity Cruises' GTS Infinity was a CD listening lounge. When iPods were introduced to the vessel in 2004, the space became a disco. A 2006 renovation included turning the "CD walls" into "LED walls;" designing and building separate, independent LED fixtures to architecturally blend with the space; and installing an intelligent moving head fixture equipped with custom glass gobos. Even with limited time and budget, the result is spectacular.

Watch the webcast to learn more about this exciting project from the award-winning design team.

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