Great Grandson of Frank Lloyd Wright Showcases Latest Works


From an unpretentious workspace in a century-old building in Chicago's West Loop neighborhood, saws buzz, woodchips fly ... and imagination soars. For the past 18 years, S. Lloyd Natof-great grandson of Frank Lloyd Wright-has been designing and crafting distinct furniture pieces while developing a loyal following among Studio Furniture collectors and connoisseurs. While Natof has enjoyed a tremendous word-of-mouth following, he recently spent more than six months creating more than a dozen new furniture and cabinetry pieces. From his modern day take on a traditional Japanese Tansu of Bubinga wood, to the intricate pattern in his African mahogany dining table, Natof's vision and detailed craftsmanship are evidenced. "I approached this as an opportunity to test the limits of my own creativity, while introducing new audiences to the virtues of Studio Furniture and displaying the full range of my work," explains Natof. Information about all of Natof's new pieces, along with details on some of his previous works, can be found at