Product Sources: Healthcare Interiors


Product Sources: Healthcare Interiors

Quaker Furniture's creation of Healthscapes is a natural delineation that addresses the growing healthcare market. The premiere introduction into Healthscapes is INSPIRE, an extensive collection that includes lounge seating, occasional tables, recliners and guest seating. INSPIRE high back, hip patient and bariatric chairs (featured) provide easy access, support and comfort. In addition to the open arm version, the high back and bariatric chairs are also available with panel arms. For greater flexibility, the bariatric chair is also offered in three different chair widths.

(left) Echoing the soothing cadence of soft music, the new Rhythms™ Collection of privacy curtains from Pallas Textiles features subtle, graceful patterns and gentle color shifting. Special weave effects, novelty yarns and soft colorways create a calming effect with a sophisticated feel, reflecting Pallas' renewed commitment to classic elegance with modern application. Each selection in the Rhythms Collection will imbue healthcare settings and other environments with a graceful aesthetic that's both elegant and soothing.

(right) Nurture by Steelcase is a company dedicated to providing user-centered solutions in healthcare. The furniture industry has provided solutions to the medical world for years, but more often than not, those solutions have been created with office furniture. Nurture addresses the healthcare industry as a separate category that deserves a dedicated company to meet industry-specific needs. Nurture views the healthcare environment as an integral part of the healing process and provides holistic solutions that focus not only on product, but space as a whole, delivering research-driven, evidence-based solutions to complex problems in healthcare environments.

(left) Sittris, a new company dedicated to healthcare seating, introduces a component seating system designed specifically for healthcare environments. Designed to offer comfort for patients and better patient access for caregivers, the core of Sittris' seating solutions is a unique back/seat shell. Available with a variety of innovative germ and stain resistant upholsteries, Sittris' clean design minimizes "trap areas" for infectious matter. Seating can be specified in a low- or mid-back design along with a variety of leg and arm options—depending on its intended use—for patient rooms (including bariatric patients), nursing stations and public seating areas.