Product Sources: Audio Visual


Product Sources: Audio Visual

's Premium Line of whiteboards, tackboards, and projection screens embody the company's dedication to the marriage of quality and design. Offering the broadest portfolio of writing systems in the world, Premium Line profiles range from thin metal to rich wood finishes and every combination in between—all designed to match the aesthetics of any environment. The Premium Whiteboard line, featuring e3 environmental ceramicsteel ™ surfacing, offers the industry's premiere ecologically intelligent whiteboard, having received Cradleto- Cradle™ Silver certification.

Panasonic debuts a new series of plasma displays created expressly for the hospitality market. These hospitality panels offer unmatched expandability. Panasonic commercial plasmas can be configured to meet any room design requirement with optional plug-in boards, including tuners and AV system connections. The models can be positioned vertically to display portrait images, allowing them to serve as highly-effective signage. These plasmas offer a viewing angle of more than 160 degrees; are equipped with a host of energy-saving functions; and have a variety of mounting options.

Sonance has unveiled a new generation of speakers that deliver audiophile performance while setting a new standard for blending in with architectural environments and interior designs. The Sonance Architectural Series is an altogether new, solutions-driven family of in-wall and in-ceiling loudspeakers that are the first-ever, true flushmounted speakers available with a broad and flexible range of reference-quality performance and design solutions.

Nova Solutions' has introduced "Trolley" to provide easy access to flat panel displays. When the screen is not in use, the Trolley allows it to move beneath the work surface, offering an organized and secure workspace or learning environment. With the press of a button, the Trolley enables the monitor to emerge from the desktop with all cabling neatly hidden within its unique wire management system. Hinged access doors close around the base of the lift mechanism to create an uncluttered look.