Photo Essay 1: Let it Rain

By Robert Nieminen

The Ritz-Carlton’s new Silver Rain Spa in the Cayman Islands offers guests a shimmering and soothing space to rest and rejuvenate.


Taking their cue from the purity of a Swiss glacier, New York-based interior designers Carl D'Aquino, Francine Monaco and Nathaniel Worden of D'Aquino Monaco, created the luxurious, water-themed interiors of the 18,700-square-foot Silver Rain a la prairie spa at the Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman.

The Swiss-based, technology-driven la prairie bases its product offerings and interior design palette on a cool pure white, augmented by flashes of brilliant color. D'Aquino Monaco decided to give that approach a distinctive Caribbean sensibility by surrounding the pampered guests at the Silver Rain Spa with the comforting aura of water in all of its many states.

This unique experience begins the moment guests open the silver-leafed doors and enter a quietly dazzling space designed to introduce them to the tranquil experience of the spa that lies beyond. Water rushes beneath the tiled floor and behind screened walls—water that is heard, not seen.

After pausing for a moment of reflection, Silver Rain Spa guests then enter a reception area on a tranquil, island-like setting surrounded by water. Water splashes gently down twin columns of silver beads creating a "silver rain." A long, sinuous bench accentuates the center of the space.

Guests are then taken to the men's and women's lounges, each of which is surrounded by white paneled lockers, to change into robes and slippers. Each lounge has a contemporary crystal chandelier and soft blue carpeting that is used throughout the spa. The seating as well as the furnishings in all areas of the Silver Rain Spa were custom designed by D'Aquino Monaco.

Before beginning treatment, guests are invited to relax in the quiet lounge on the upper level of the spa. There, personalized seating areas were created to afford each guest a private, reflective interlude. There are 17 treatments rooms, including one for couples. Each is surrounded in a soft blue palette including walls covered in crushed silk to create the look of moving water.

The Silver Rain rooms designed for water treatments incorporate walls of iridescent glass mosaic tiles, floors of stainless steel, penny round tiles, and subtly-brushed metal cabinetry. The playful manicure/ pedicure area is surrounded by a floor of river stones suspended in a blue resin, also created by D'Aquino Monaco for the spa.

The overall design provides an ideal setting for guests to find rest and rejuvenation in a soothing and shimmering space.