Product Q&A: Park Avenue Laminate Desk by the HON Company

I can be big or small … and I'm equally at home in private or open plan offices, teaming environments, conference rooms or reception areas.

By Eric Woodroof, Ph.D., CEM, CRM


Name: Park Avenue Laminate Desk

Birthplace: 200 Oak St., Muscatine, IA

Siblings: Park Avenue Work and Guest Chair and Park Avenue Laminate Conference Tables

Genetic Makeup: I offer an upscale and elegant design, while providing durability with easy-care laminate construction, so I can stand the test of time in your fast-paced, high-trafficked office.

Measurements: I can be big or small … and I'm equally at home in private or open plan offices, teaming environments, conference rooms or reception areas. My standard units are available in a variety of shapes and sizes … and my modular components will expand and enhance your layout opportunities.

Environmental Footprint: I'm in compliance with the requirements of USGBC, LEED for Commercial Interiors, EQ Credit 4.5.

How would you describe yourself? Stylish, debonair and charming … the Cary Grant of office furniture. Class … simply class.

Aspirations or Dreams: Most of all, I would like to be popular—the number one choice of managers and professionals in just about any business setting—anywhere people like a rich, customized look, but don't want to worry about spilling their coffee.

Proudest Moment or what is your greatest achievement? My shining moment was when I was introduced to rave dealer reviews at The HON Company's showroom during the largest office furniture tradeshow in the industry, NeoCon®.

Do you have a motto? Smart Now. Smarter Later.

What makes you special? I blend the design nuances of fine veneer furniture with the long-lasting, hardworking attributes of laminate. I look like wood, but I'm not. Did I mention my mixed-material accents? Frosted doors with nickel trim. You can dress me up to look colonial or high-tech.

How would you describe yourself? Probably like Sunday Brunch at the Waldorf. Full of choices … fresh … a collection of rich, inviting selections to dazzle the imagination and tempt one to indulge. Moreover, I'm very comfortable catering to the highest expectations.

What's your best feature? My good looks on the outside are supported by HON's "best-in-class" construction inside for unprecedented elegance, durability, dependability and value.


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