Product Q & A: Brit Bench by Leland International


Product Q & A: Brit Bench by Leland International

Brit Bench

London, England

Leland International & Pengelly Design

The baby of the family is my Brit Bench connector. My perforated stainless steel-skinned sibling, suitable for outdoor use, is due this fall.

Genetic Makeup
Good looks, a sturdy constitution and a long active life run in the Leland family. Sure, in a few years I may elect to get an upholstery facelift, but with my good bones (upholstery grade curved plywood over a stainless steel and powder coat steel frame) I expect to outlive many others in my class.

Favorite Colors
Do I have to pick a favorite? I love them all and can wear almost any COM (customer's own material) as well as Leland textiles. Although, to be honest, I've had lots of compliments wearing red and black.

First Job
University of Tennessee, Chattanooga

How Would You Describe Yourself?
I'm bold with a bit of an attitude. I have a striking personality and I can work well on my own or with others. I am dramatic but stable. I like to think of myself as being a sculptural seating solution.

Where Do You Feel Most At Home?
In fast paced environments like shopping malls, museums, universities and airports.

To get a gig at the Miami International Airport.

What's Your Best Feature?
My molecular inspired form allows users to sit or straddle facing four different directions. Since guests don't sit with their "backs to the wall" I tend to encourage human interaction.

Environmental Footprint
All things considered, I leave the faintest of footprints. During my long life I expect to be a welcome stopover to hundreds of thousands of visitors. Most importantly, by design, my materials—recycled polyurethane foam, steel, and upholstery grade curved plywood produced from sustainable forests—are environmentally friendly.

Do You Have A Motto?
"You only have one opportunity to make a first impression."