Mentoring: The Simplicity of Influence

Anita Barnett, FIIDA

Mentoring: The Simplicity of Influence


Success in the creative fields, science- or fine arts-based, is dependent on mentoring. In economic structure and social hierarchy, interior design today differs from colonial apprenticeships or medieval guilds of previous centuries; however, they similarly rely on honing artistic expression and ensuring safety through the design of experts. Thus, joining with post-secondary schools, it is essential for organizations supporting the profession to uphold the tradition of mentoring for design students who need direction. In addition, organizations need to recognize the leadership of mentors. Doing so will continue the critical, cyclical pattern of critiquing, learning and perfecting.

"Many students need verbal encouragement as well as visible proof that becoming a part of the profession is possible. They also need to know that interior design will allow them to better the global community."

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