Product Sources: Desk Systems


Product Sources: Desk Systems

Built on a tradition of European craftsmanship combined with innovative technology, Three H has been crafting office furniture that bridges the gap between custom and mass for 35 years. The new functions, features and shapes now available with its MultiStations line bring enhanced productivity and comfort to open environments. Blending a dynamic finish and fabric palette for greater warmth, MultiStations' optional details such as solid wood edges, introduce a high quality look usually reserved for the executive office.

Turnstone's Currency offers aesthetics, compatibility and affordability—all rolled up into one package. Surface materials integrate with other product lines, offering options for just about any look desired. Dimensional compatibility with other lines gives combinations that create the right work space for your specific needs. As Turnstone's most affordably-priced laminate desking solution, Currency provides value without sacrificing visual appeal..

Responding to the concept by Claudio Bellini, designer of the new B.O.S. office system by Frezza SPA, five creative new talents narrate five different stories of their relationship between context and work, design and inspiration. There are seven forms of desktops in B.O.S, offering great versatility for personalizing workstations. A far cry from the neutral ascetic office, the new design parameters such as the integration and reduction of components, the compact quality of the shape, and the simplification of the rules of composition, express personality, identity and humor.

National's Chameleon™ is an innovative and affordable office privacy solution that divides space while wrapping freestanding furniture in open plan environments. Chameleon dividers adapt to virtually any environment by offering various sizes, materials and finishes. The line is ideal for open floor plan areas, reception areas, training rooms or in spaces where additional office privacy is desired. Perfect for companies of all sizes because of its flexibility, Chameleon's virtually toolless installation makes it easy to add offices or expand departments within an existing space.