Designing Collaborative Communication Facilities


ARCHI-TECH magazine, in partnership with SPL Integrated Solutions, presents "Designing Collaborative Communication Facilities," a webcast that will answer your questions about creating a successfully integrated communications structure for your facility:

  • What are the types of collaborative communication facilities?
  • What are the key considerations when designing collaborative communication facilities?
  • What is the latest in communications technology, and what are the best products for your facility?

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About SPL Integrated Solutions
SPL Integrated Solutions is the leading nationwide integrator of collaborative communication systems, including audio, video, audioconferencing, videoconferencing, streaming media, and multimedia.


After completing the course, one should be able to:

  1. Identify the types of collaborative communication facilities.
  2. Understand the key issues to consider when designing a collaborative communication facility.
  3. Have a basic knowledge of technologies used in a collaborative communication facility.