Valdese Weavers and Haworth Select Winning Contest Designs

Check out the winners below

Winners of Stitch Me, an original textile design competition held by Valdese Weavers, Haworth, and PMC Commercial Interiors, were recently honored at the Contemporary Art Museum in Raleigh, N.C. Several designs were recognized, and the grand prize fabric by Gensler will be upholstered on Haworth’s Harbor Work Lounge and Ottomon.

The finalists included:

The primary motif repeated in this pattern is inspired by a decorative door frame. A sense of movement and depth is created through layering different spacing and height variations of the ogee-like motif. The textile is featured in a medium gray color palette with blue and purple accents. The grand prize winner, Gensler also entails a watercolor effect in shades of energetic red, inspired by the organic textures created by watercolors. The pattern features a wide brush stroke adjacent to an artistic stripe that runs the length of the chair and ottoman.

highwoods properties
This design features a chevron motif in shades of gray with a touch of turquoise. It represents the love and support one receives from family, and is taken from a blanket pattern woven by the team leader’s grandmother.

This pattern features varied widths of blue and white broken stripes on a pink background. The design is inspired by the Haworth Harbor Work Lounge and the blurred line between work and play, formal and informal. It plays on the need for flexibility in furnishings to support the changing work styles of today.

The competition, which kicked off in April, challenged architecture and design firms to create their own original textile design. Each team had three weeks to deliver their design, which was judged based on materiality, creativity, and application. Designs were limited to a 13.5-inch horizontal repeat with no detail finer than one-sixth of an inch, and colors limited to 4-6.