Publicolor Fights Poverty at Public Schools

It helps students transform their buildings and their lives

To counter the alarming dropout rate at inner-city schools, Publicolor engages disconnected youth through a continuum of design-based programs, academic support, and career-readiness skills. Through multiple programs (including Paint Club, Next Steps, and Fresh Coat—among others), Publicolor steers students from struggling to successful.

At Manhattan’s Global Technology Preparatory School and PS 50 Vito Marcantino, Publicolor helped students paint hallways, stairwells, and a Fibonacci series on an exterior wall. The projects help students engage and take pride in their education and environment, explained Ruth Lande Shuman, founder and president of the organization.

“Students become invested in the change, and as the transformation occurs, the entire school is imbued with a sense of hope, involvement, and renewed energy,” Shuman said. “We aren’t just transforming buildings—we are transforming lives.”