Survey Shows Most Worker Productivity at Start, End of Day

Mancini Duffy releases preliminary findings on workplace trends and differences in which generations see the workday.

Mancini Duffy, a leading architectural and interiors firm, has released preliminary findings from The Coordinate, its survey on workplace trends.

The survey indicates that working hours peak during the beginning and end of the day, where employees are not only more productive, but also give their employers a bonus by extending the workday during commuting time. Additional findings point to patterns in work days as well as work hours.

“Mondays are for planning, Fridays are for cleanup, and most meetings occur mid-week,” said Fran Ferrone, Mancini Duffy’s director of workplace innovation. “We see this as not only impacting decisions about space, but about policy and perks—potentially, in a big way.”

The differences between ways in which generations see the workday are even sharper:

  • Younger generations make exercise a priority throughout the workday.
  • Older generations place importance on face time (vs. FaceTime) more than their younger counterparts.
  • Gen X and Y value their downtime—reflecting the trend toward project-based (vs. full-time) work.

These findings are from the first in a series of surveys being conducted by Mancini Duffy this year to test the hypothesis of “the dissolution of the traditional workweek.” Complete results (and their implications) will be published in early 2015.