Intermix by BOLYU


Intermix by BOLYU

Delivering an unparalleled balance of style, performance, and aesthetics, Intermix is a new modular carpet style from BOLYU.


Intermix By BOLYU

Intermix is a versatile new modular carpet style from BOLYU that’s delivering an unparalleled balance of style, performance, and aesthetics.

Specially designed and developed using a proprietary manufacturing process to divert premium fiber systems away from manufacturing waste streams and back into production streams and productive service cycles, Intermix is manufactured on Nexterra, BOLYU’s PVC free carpet tile backing, a revolutionary example of sustainable design. Here’s how it all breaks down:

25 percent lighter than the average carpet tile

30 PET bottles (in addition to 1 pound of post-consumer glass) diverted from landfills for every square yard of Nexterra produced

30 percent lower carbon footprint than industry average

45 percent of face fiber made of repurposed Nylon

66 percent of product weight composed of recycled or repurposed material


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