Product Breakdown: AirCarbon for KI

KI has produced the world's first carbon negative chair thanks to AirCarbon by Newlight Technologies.

With 7 to 8 percent of global oil and gas production used to make plastic, AirCarbon—produced by Newlight Technologies—has been created to replicate the performance and price of oil-based plastics and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Newlight uses a biocatalyst to convert air containing greenhouse gases (like methane and carbon dioxide) harvested from farms and landfills into plastic. This new technology gives KI—who is the exclusive provider of AirCarbon in the contract furniture industry—the ability to produce the world’s first carbon-negative chair.

AirCarbon can be found among KI’s most successful product lines with the goal of having AirCarbon replace all plastic components over time.Here’s how it breaks down:

0 - The amount of oil and gas used in producing the Grazie and Strive seating lines

1st In the industry to produce carbon negative seating lines

2-The number of KI seating lines currently making use of AirCarbon (Strive and Grazie)

7 - The number of Strive seating models that will feature AirCarbon, each having their own unique AirCarbon formula

200,000 - The approximate number of units KI produces annually for both Strive and Grazie

50,000,000 - The anticipated number of pounds of air and captured carbon Newlight Technologies expects for 2014