Meet Our I Like Design Winner

SCAD student lands internship at Manhattan-based ICRAVE

by Ben Frotscher

Calvin Cheng
Parsons The New School

Design Statement: With fast fashion culture and online shopping drastically changing the landscape of retail clothing, the need for customization, quality, and craft are once again coming to the forefront. The retail environment must embrace online shopping and create a new retail reality—whether it’s 3D accessory printers, interactive OLED walls, event spaces, body scanning changing rooms, robot-assisted storage, lounges, graphic T-shirt printers, or mood altering environments.

Kate Fisher
University of Florida

Design Statement: This entry titled, “Earthy,” suggests a release from the dissonance between cognates of a digital, divine existence and the envelope that is tangible. Allowing occupants to receive the sky, the faceted structure of a diamond as an artifact for making a web that acts as a channel for light to pass through Tiffany & Company’s space celebrates bridging the paralleling retail spaces. Anachronism (the crux of retail) is selling a moment in time, illusions of the future.

Bona Lee
Pratt Institute

Design Statement: New York City is a bustling place, but it lacks space. Through the use of technology incorporated into the design of the space, there is a creation of vast space that is filled with mass-less forms (projections). These forms also allow for a tactile retail experience where the customers must touch a projection screen in order for the product to be in their hands. It is an experience in and of itself—creating a memory and experience like no other.

Angie Ngoc
Savannah College of Art and Design

Design Statement: New technology has led to the decrease of physical experiences. In response, Solestruck’s retail store proposes a new way to apply technology. Inspired by innovation in New York City, the store conveys its branding by embodying an avant-garde attitude within its design. The design incentive is to create a unique customer experience. With convenient shopping methods, positive customer experience, and an awe-inspiring first impression, Stolestruck’s design intent is to provide a high-technology store—an embodiment of New York culture—and a community connection point.

Xueting Wu
Boston Architectural College
Design Statement: For a more natural retail experience, technology merges with the natural elements to give a memorable experience for their clients. This Nike running shoe store design with adjoining gym are connected by a 300 meter track. Virtual technology will simulate nature in the specialized flooring, showing footprints when steps are registered on the LED flooring. With a self-service try-on machine and touch screens to learn more about running shoes, customers can feel different kinds of textured ground when they try on new shoes.

Shishu Zhang
Savannah College of Art and Design
Design Statement: This design seeks to redefine current music store services and provide new in-store experiences—offering exciting interactive download environments, combining music and other forms of art, and gathering people who have common interests. Meanwhile, the store will also sell collectible vintage records and provide new release 3D printing. According to these different functions, the store is divided into different zones. Each is relatively independent, but also interspersed with each other in the whole environment, providing customers continued freshness to explore.

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