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Breakdown: Create Office Platform by Three H

Powered by the the innovative RED plugin for SketchUp, the Create Office Platform makes creating to-the-inch designs easier than ever. Here's how it all breaks down.

Photograph courtesy of Three H


Apps have become the Swiss Army knives of our digital lives, allowing us to tailor and use our smartphones in different ways as our situation changes, all with a minimum of fuss (assuming a good cell signal, of course). Three H aims to deliver that same feeling of versatility and customization to workplace design with its Create Office Platform, a single-source system capable of delivering a series of distinctive configurations (or “apps”) for the various spaces that make up the modern office. Powered by the company’s innovative RED plug-in for SketchUp, the Create platform makes designing and pricing to-the-inch designs faster than ever. Here’s how it all breaks down:


4 - Distinctive configurations allow designers to use Create for executive (“Club”), mid-management (“Studio”), open plan (“Forum”), and benching (“Park”) applications.

5 - Worksurface shapes are available, all in by-the-inch lengths.

6 - Inches, the typical sizing increment allowed with other desking systems.

$0 - The cost to use Three H’s Rapid Easy Design (RED) plug-in for SketchUp.

33 - Woodgrain and solid color laminate choices in stock.

1,000s - The number of Create products available for specification through RED when all available attributes and options are considered.

45 - In-stock panel and cushion fabrics from Maharam, Guilford of Maine, and Momentum.

500 miles - The radius from Three H’s Ontario manufacturing facility in which all of the system’s major components are sourced, including laminates, steel, aluminum, glass, and fabrics.

100 - Percent recycled wood content, CARB-compliant laminate is used to build Create; the system also makes use of recycled extruded aluminum for its pulls, legs, and slatwalls.


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