Shanmuga Selvaraj

Interior Design Major, Savannah College of Art and Design

Concept Statement:

Nike Connect is a next generation retail experience focused on future technology and the user. The concept is to foster a deeper level of brand connection through an interior environment that fuses space, technology, people and products.

By 2020 it’s predicted by business entrepreneurs that online shopping sales will be the maximum revenue generator for Nike. Subsequently, interaction, immersion, and entertainment become the core of brick and mortar retail. In the proposed space, the people of New York are provided with an experience that brings people together to engage with their favorite apparel, athletes and sports teams in a setting which allows them to watch their team play their favorite sport and hangout. The match-viewing experience will be lively and the guests can stream a match of their choice onto any number of surrounding surfaces.

Consumables are ordered using interactive touch tables, which can also be used for streaming matches as well as multi-player touch games. Nike Connect also offers the classic arcade games alongside multi-use laser turf—space that can be used for the launch of new products with 3D holograms, thus creating an immersive, interactive and engaging experience.

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