Angie Ngoc

Double major in Interior Design and Furniture Design, Savannah College of Art and Design

Concept Statement:

Technology connects people from anywhere and everywhere, but at the same time isolates individuals from the real world, causing them to have a lack of intimacy. In this new era of technology when everything becomes more convenient, physical experiences are fading away.

As a response to that problem, Solestruck’s retail store proposes a new way to apply technology. Inspired by the innovation of New York City, the store conveys its branding by embodying an avant-garde attitude within its design. Selections of materials, technology and furniture are considered within the context of this concept. The design incentive is to create a unique customer experience. Solestruck is a hot-spot for trend spotters and shoe-lovers alike.

Through new technologies, the store provides convenient shopping methods, creating a great customer experience and, in turn, satisfaction. It also has an awe-striking first impression, which will draw them back. Moreover, the customers are encouraged to interact and socialize with each other, which helps nurture their real-life relationships.

Solestruck’s design intent is to provide a high-technology store—an embodiment of New York culture—and a community connection point.

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