Shishu Zhang


Shishu Zhang

Interior Design Major, Savannah College of Art and Design


 Concept Statement:

Since the whole music industry has begun to decline, the leading entertainment brand HMV also has experienced extremely difficult times. Digital music becomes an inevitable trend. Instead of obstinately insisting its traditional field, physical music stores should embrace the future, using digital technologies to provide a more interesting music listening and downloading environment.

With my design I seek to redefine current music store services and provide new in-store experiences. We’ll offer an exciting interactive downloading environment, combining music and other forms of art, gathering people who have common interests. This will change the store to a music playground. Meanwhile the store will also sell collectible vintage records and provide new release 3D printing. According to these different functions, the store is divided into different zones. Each is relatively independent, but also interspersed with each other in the whole environment, providing customers continued freshness to explore.

View Shishu Zhang's Concept and Inspiration poster


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