Versus: 3 Wallpapers from Trove

Trove co-founder Randall Buck compares three of his company's most popular substrate options

New York-based design house Trove has developed a reputation for creating beautiful wallcoverings that could easily be mistaken for fine art—a fact that’s confirmed by their inclusion in the permanent collections of the Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt and the Brooklyn Museum—but don’t mistake them for just another pretty face. The company now offers any of its 33 standard patterns on a range of unique substrates, including its bead-embossed Marquee and eco-friendly Redeux options. But which one is right for your next high-end hospitality project? We sat down with Trove co-founder Randall Buck to see how three of their most popular substrates stack up.



the Basics Two-ply, 20-ounce, Type II commercial-grade wallcovering with glass bead embossing Single-ply, 14-ounce, Type II commercial-grade wallcovering. Type I wallcovering with linen texture.
Suitable Uses Suitable for commercial and residential projects. Ideal for use in areas with halogen lighting, as it contains metallic elements that sparkle when lit. Suitable for commercial and residential projects. Intended for buildings that are properly designed and maintained to avoid moisture infiltration, condensation, and/or accumulation at wall cavities and wall surfaces. Suitable for residential projects. Material has an off-white ground that compliments the typical range of interior white paint colors.
Fire Class A, meets ASTM E84 and NFPA 101 Life Safety Code.  Class A, meets ASTM E84 and NFPA 262.
Washability Washable with mild soap and water.
Sustainability N/A Free of PVC, POAs, plasticizers, phthalates, formaldehyde, chlorine, halogens, heavy metals, and ozone-depleting chemicals. It also has a high level of breathability, and contains 31 percent post-consumer recycled materials. Made with 100 percent water-based inks and adhesive systems, and meets California Section IAQ1350 standard. Unique reclamation program allows designers to send excess material or waste back to Trove for recycling. N/A
LEED points No Contributes up to six points to LEED credits No
IMO Certification No Yes, making it appropriate for use in marine settings, such as yachts or seaside spaces. No
Trade Pricing $14/sf $10/sf $13/sf