Paper Trail

As Flavor Paper celebrates its 10th anniversary, we re-visit the company's NYC headquarters to see just how far they've come since the building first opened in 2010.

by Erika Templeton

The slick, mod couches are now covered with Flavor Fabric pillows in a wild assortment of colors and patterns repurposed directly from the wallpaper library. A beaded partition that once enclosed a Knoll Platner Table and a circle of Ero|S| Swivel Chairs by Kartell has been removed.

“We originally wanted it to extend further out and line up with the outer edges of the ceiling, but we realized people don’t use the space this way,” Sherman explains. “They’d move back and forth, getting all caught up in the strings, so it was a hindrance. Plus, you’d be surprised how hard it is to find a track that doesn’t look like it should be in a hospital.”

Sourcing materials to coincide with such a vibrant array of products on display was an exercise in customization, much like the Flavor Paper manufacturing process itself—even though, as Sherman says, “it’s a pain in the ass.”

“A lot of it was finding companies that represent classic contemporary work. We would take these future-thinking but timeless classics and modernize them a bit.”

Some of the bigger names that fit the bill include Tom Dixon, Knoll and Maharam, whose fabric adorns the loungy showroom couches in striated patterns custom-designed by Barrett Hill.

“It’s a pure aesthetic thing here. We try to be funkier and I wouldn’t say flashy, but attention grabbing. The tactile—we’re always into that. We like coming up with ways to incorporate pattern and build up what we do in the process, so you see that throughout the space.”

Sherman’s ability to integrate ideas and adapt to changes as they come has made it easy for Flavor Paper to flourish, building up layers of history and seamlessly bringing them into the fold of the future.



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