Arquitectonica's Editors' Letter

July's guest editors explain their approach to I&S' first fashion issue.

As experts on our own hometown, Miami, we felt confident centering the issue here. We are lucky that it is a happening place with many diverse new projects. Fashion is dependent upon its context for meaning. Using Miami as the backdrop, we learned a lot about how our city is transforming, and how fashion has inspired some of the changes we are seeing.

We attempted to highlight a side of Miami that is not as obvious as South Beach, and we wanted to get some opinions from taste makers whose take on fashion might be unexpected. Furthermore, we wanted to feature the people who and places that are some of the driving forces behind design and development in this city.

In its simplicity, our print layout references Morphologie: City Metaphors by O.M. Ungers. Before we found the reference, we were wondering how to lay out the magazine. We explored various ideas, and reviewed all the issues of Nest Magazine, Stefan Sagmeister’s work and current interiors publications to get our bearings. Then Raymond (Fort) gave us a copy of Morphologie, and immediately we felt that the straightforward layout helps the contrasting group of people and places we are featuring cohere. It also stood out from most magazine layouts that you see today—something different.

Fashion, in the end, is less about being on trend than it is about being committed to a distinct personal style. Ultimately, all of our subjects insisted on styling themselves and wearing their own clothes. The diverse people we have featured within these pages each have a unique take on fashion and their comments on the intersection of fashion and architecture, landscape architecture, urban design, writing, development and retail shed light on how the fields influence one another.

Laurinda Spear

Marisa Fort