Companies with Coworking Spaces in Miami


Coworking Spaces

Arquitectonica rounds up a listing of companies integrating collaborative environments into their Miami offices.

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    Private suite at KeyWorking Miami. View larger

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    A corner suite at KeyWorking. View larger

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    Pipeline Brickell’s hanging chairs area. View larger

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    The lounge area within Pipeline, adjacent to a shared table. View larger

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    LAB Miami’s communal working space. View larger

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    LAB’s open space viewed from the entrance. View larger

  • /Portals/3/images/magazine/2013/0713/I_0713_Web_Arq_39.jpg

    Private and shared desks at Büro Miami. View larger

  • /Portals/3/images/magazine/2013/0713/I_0713_Web_Arq_40.jpg

    A closer view of the shared desks at Büro. View larger

Coworking spaces are cropping up all over Miami and attracting young entrepreneurs, start-ups and even well-established companies who want to base themselves in collaborative work environments. Not only are these spaces cost-effective for the users, they also present opportunities for collaboration between companies working side-by-side in an open office environment. Tech and creative companies intersect in shared, flexible workspaces like gardens and courtyards.

KeyWorking Miami brings a high-end international flair to the downtown bayfront with coworking spaces in the Arquitectonica-designed Marina Blue. Pipeline Brickell combines shared space with opportunities for mentorship and access to capital for startups and early-stage companies, while mature companies use the space and support the growth of their young neighbors. From the Wynwood art scene grew The LAB Miami, which provides an affordable space for creatives of all fields to work independently and collaboratively. With a space just north in Midtown and another in South Beach, Büro Miami makes it easy for new companies to grow or downsize with their individual progress.


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