The World of Materials (3.0)

For the third year, Interiors & Sources will introduce NeoCon attendees to the newest, most innovative materials and finishes on the market at the Materials Pavilion—a hands-on, one-stop shop for a variety of decorative products from the industry’s leading suppliers.

Last year, the 8th floor of the Merchandise Mart in Chicago was abuzz with designers and specifiers who found themselves oohing and aahing over the selection of new materials on display at the Interiors & Sources Materials Pavilion.

Given the sheer size and difficulty of navigating the Mart during the NeoCon World’s Trade Fair, the Materials Pavilion is the perfect place to find a broad and exciting selection of decorative materials and finishes all in one convenient location.

Given its success in the past two years, the Materials Pavilion will be expanding to nearly 3,000 square feet of exhibit space on the 8th floor of the Mart (8-2130), and will feature an inspiring array of products, curated by designer and materials historian Grace Jeffers, in partnership with the experts at Material Intelligence, an informational resource on surfacing solutions for designers and fabricators.

The Pavilion’s emphasis is on experience and education. Each sample is accompanied by details on the material’s makeup, environmental properties and recommended applications. Attendees will also discover how to specify exact design matches across several different types of materials, allowing designers to select the performance and durability required for every application in a project without having to compromise on the aesthetic they want.

Our goal with the Pavilion is to bring professional designers into synchronicity with materials suppliers and vice versa, improving the flow of knowledge and ideas in both directions. While you’re there, don’t forget to register and enter into one of our daily drawings for a chance to win an Apple iPad 2!

Also be sure to stop by on Tuesday afternoon to meet the Interiors & Sources 2013 I Like Design student internship contest winner, Mary Claire Fuqua.

The following feature just a small sampling of the decorative materials and finishes you will find this year. Come and discover more in person during NeoCon—we hope to see you there!

Alusion™ from Toronto-based Cymat Corp. is a versatile and unique-looking material, with virtually limitless design and architectural applications, including exterior rain screens and interior cladding; its strong “sound attenuating” qualities are ideal for concert halls and auditoriums. This stabilized aluminum foam also creates strong yet lightweight panels.
Ariaprene™ from Tiong Liong Industrial Co. LTD is a foam that can replicate the stretch and compression of the highest-quality synthetic rubbers, while successfully improving on performance. Ariaprene is the first hypo-allergenic, easily decomposable and completely non-toxic alternative to synthetic rubber. It offers better performance and flexibility with improved insulation and less weight.
AX Suede™ is a range of materials specifically developed for glove, electronic and apparel applications. AX Suede from Matmarket Inc. is continually seeking to satisfy the gaps in the suede market with high abrasion, wet grip, dexterity, high visibility fluorescents, superior sweat management, and all-in-one package materials.
Bastille Metal Works is the premier manufacturer of custom cast zinc and pewter countertops, range hoods and furnishings in North America. Products shown here include both zinc and pewter custom slip-casted products for use as countertops, bar tops and work surface applications, both of which are available in any architectural molded design.
Panelite Bonded Series translucent honeycomb panels from Bencore are lightweight and resource-efficient. They transmit up to 65 percent of natural daylight in interior spaces and use 70 to 80 percent less raw material than a solid resin sheet of comparable thickness. Panels are available in a broad range of honeycomb core types and facing options for applications such as partitions, privacy screens, ceiling clouds and sliding doors.
Bionic® is a high-performance eco yarn from Return Textiles, Inc. that measures up to the highest quality standards of luxury and performance—and offers true sustainability. Bionic’s patented thread structure adds strength and refines texture as select fibers are spun with those from recycled plastic bottles. Bionic uses an OR-Tex™ coating that reduces the water consumption of dye processes by 99 percent and energy consumption by over 50 percent.
Cottonmix is a seamless, natural finishing product made from cellulose-bound natural fibers, including cotton linen, wood pulp and viscose. It contains no chemicals and is completely biodegradable (even compostable), non-toxic and non-allergenic. Available from Cottonmix Benelux, it is suitable for all interior surfaces, such as walls, ceilings and indoor fittings.
Architectural Systems debuts Eco-Dimensions Bamboo Wall Panels in six striking silhouettes. This lightweight, flexible product is made from pressed bamboo pulp and offers an inspiring and sustainable modern design solution. The unfinished 18 by 18-inch panels can be painted or stained for an impactful visual statement. Eco-Dimensions Bamboo Wall Panels allow designers to create an entire feature or focal wall, accent area or ceiling tile for any contract project.
Tradition meets modernity with the Evolution Acoustic Panel System, designed by Architectural Systems. The line features integrated hardware, coordinated non-acoustical panels and an unlimited choice of wood grains, melamine and faux leather finishes, such as the one shown here. The panels are suitable for walls, ceilings and partitions, and are available in 34 standard color and finish combinations.
Fireclay Tile makes handmade, American-crafted, artisanal ceramic and glass materials using recycled content that is sourced within 50 miles of its sustainable manufacturing facility. The recycled ingredients do more than just save natural resources; they make their tile products some of the most beautiful, sustainable and durable on the market.
Natura2 is composed of 100 percent natural materials from Water Hyacinth, thread and paper. It is made with a handloom; the process involves threads of yarn interlaced crosswise and lengthwise to make the scrollable wall covering. Natura2 production uses water-based adhesives and coatings. La Casa Deco specializes in hand-laid and handcrafted surfacing solutions, harvested from nature.
CorkDotz Mosaic Penny Round Tile is a forward-looking recycled tile from Modwalls®. Created from the cork stopper industry’s byproduct, this 1 by 1-inch Cork Penny Round is perfect as kitchen backsplash tile, floor tile, bathroom tile and even ceiling tile. It is water-resistant once sealed, per the installation instructions. Sold by approximately 1 square foot, each sheet of tile is 0.92 square feet of material.
NUVACOR VPS (Versatile Polymer Surfacing) is ideal for use in hundreds of surfacing applications, from decorative interiors and furniture to demanding high-traffic, high-impact public spaces, including hygienically challenging environments. Using proprietary state-of-the-art high-definition imaging technology, Nuvacor transforms its ultra-clear acrylic sheets into the most attractive and versatile surfacing available today.
Perennial Wood™ is real wood made to endure. It is not an artificial composite, nor is it molded from plastic or pressure-treated with heavy metals. It cuts, mills and works just like wood, because it is wood, modified at the molecular level with TruLast™ Technology to stand up to the elements, resisting changes from moisture and remaining dimensionally stable for decades.
RECEMAT metal foam is an intriguing material with extraordinary properties. The basic material starts simply with an open-cell polyurethane foam which is metalized, normally with nickel for high electrical and heat conductivity. For applications where high strength and rigidity are required, the base material is chromized and heat-treated. The result is a three dimensional, extremely porous structure of unexpected strength and wear resistance.