All-Weather Dining by Uni-Systems

See the En-Fold retractable fabric awning in action for the first time

Juvia, a high-end restaurant located in Miami Beach, is home to Uni-Systems' first installed En-Fold retractable fabric awning. This video shows the awning, made with SEFAR Architecture's TENARA fabric, operating through time lapse photography. 

Spanning 54 feet of Juvia's outdoor terrace, the awning allows restaurant patrons to enjoy consistent comfort and a distinct view of Miami Beach--even in the case of inclement weather. The TENARA fabric offers a sleek aesthetic, a high level of light transmission and diffusion, and durability.

En-Fold deploys to transform Juvia's outdoor terrace into an intimate space at the push of a button. The awning can withstand 50 mile per hour winds when fully tensioned, and features a slight incline to shed rain away from the terrace and prevent any rainwater from pooling on the fabric panels.