Stone Gate by Lithos Design

Lithos Design creates a striking design experiment out of stone.

This video shows the results of the collaboration between designer Raffaello Galiotto and Lithos Design, a manufacturer of natural stone claddings and partitions for interior design. 

The Stone Gate is a cutting-edge architectural-engineering project where Lithos Design and Galiotto measure up against the concept of gravity, proposing an architectural piece made of natural stone that works with the essential laws of physics. The circle is designed with a system of 20 modular hewn stones laid dry, combined in a structure that becomes self-supporting thanks to the state of compression given by the post-tensioning of the steel cables circling it and embedded in it. 

Every hewn stone weighs 500 kg; the total weight is 27,300 kg.The material chosen for Stone Gate is Bardiglio nuvolato marble, a compact lithotype of a dark grey colour with thin white-grey veins. Its colour is particularly appreciated for artistic, architectural and urban design applications. The modules will be finely decorated on one side with an ornamental 3-D texture.