Kathryn Nuwayhid


Kathryn Nuwayhid

Interior Design major, Samford University

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I entered because...

I entered this competition for my Concepts III class.

Concept Statement:

This space, a corporate headquarters for fashion label Tropez, is inspired by women who blend the beauty and value of old world aristocratic style with their individual free spirits to create a fresh and current look. This space channels the spirit of the clothing brand through the use of clean lines and honest, natural materials. A central corridor reflective of the feminine, yet structured nature of the human form creates primary circulation terminated by an LED screen projecting images of the brand's runway shows. These screens are repeated throughout the space to create dynamic display elements that add energy to the space. Natural light infuses the space, particularly in the collaborative areas that encourage employee interaction. Throughout, clean white marble slabs are used to accentuate imagery of the brand. Calming grey green accents create a peaceful and productive work environment.

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