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Wintertime HVAC

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Wintertime HVAC

1-Ton Heat Pump
1-ton portable heat pump switches automatically between heating and A/C using a micro-computer control. Easy to roll in and use in a wide range of applications, the Model 20ACH1211 heat pump is rated at 11,685 BTU/hr heating capacity and 12,700 BTU/hr cooling capacity and uses standard 115-volt plug-in power. Economical unit provides portable year-round performance and functions in heating mode at ambient temperatures above 45° F.

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Hidden HVAC Contaminants Hidden HVAC Contaminants
Identify, target, and treat buildup in your system.
High Performance HVAC High Performance HVAC
Three critical concepts to achieve optimum operational efficiency.
Duct Sealing and HVAC Duct Sealing and HVAC
Is your HVAC system an ideal candidate for cleaning and sealing?
4 Alternatives to Traditional HVAC 4 Alternatives to Traditional HVAC
Chilled beams, geothermal, night-sky cooling, and thermal energy storage may be options to explore.
Channel Drains by Quick Drain USA Channel Drains
by Quick Drain USA
  Power Surge by Mohawk Group Power Surge
by Mohawk Group
Flovel FZ-B1 by For-A Flovel FZ-B1
by For-A
  T&D RTR-756 Wireless CO2 + Temperature + Humidity Data Logger by CAS DataLoggers T&D RTR-756 Wireless CO2 + Temperature + Humidity Data Logger
by CAS DataLoggers
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