10 Design Tools We Are Thankful For

We asked the participants of Mannington Commercial's Design Local initiative to tell us what design tools they'll be giving thanks for on Thursday.

Kristyn Hill, interior designer with Payette is most thankful for her morning coffee and strawberry Pop-Tart.

Kristyn Hill, interior designer with Payette is most thankful for her morning coffee and strawberry Pop-Tart.

As we all gear up to stuff our faces full of turkey in a couple days, we thought we'd pose the following question to a few people we've come to know intimately in the past few months--participants in Mannington Commercial's Design Local events:

"What design tools are you most thankful for?"

The Design Local initiative wrapped up this month in Austin, Tex. and the Design Local website will be up and running early next year for us to begin voting for our favorite DL collection and team! And check our Inside Sources blog soon for continued coverage of both the Washington D.C. and Austin design scrambles.

This is how 10 of the designers responded. A few of their answers might not quite be what you'd expect! Enjoy...

Giancarlo Salonga, associate IIDA, Interiors, HOK; Design Local Team Austin:

“My smart phone, because inspiration could be anywhere. Camera? Check. Note-taking? Check. Price estimate calculation? Check. Google some esoteric architect a name-dropping colleague mentions in passing? Check!”

Kristyn Hill, interior designer, LEED Green Assoc., Payette; Design Local Team Washington D.C.:

“Design tools I am most thankful for:

1. Checklist essentials: highlighters, red pens, Post-its

2. Brain fuel for designing: morning coffee and strawberry Pop-tarts (I’m known as the Pop-tart queen here at my office.)

3. Efficient design tools: Revit over Autocad.”

Carlos Gonzalez, IIDA, LEED AP, interior designer, RVK Architects; Design Local Team Austin:

“I would have to say that the design tool I am most thankful for is the Sharpie. I am not always able to communicate my design ideas verbally, but give me a Sharpie and you will definitely understand what I’m trying to say.”

Maggie Pascoe, project manager, collective architecture; Design Local Team Washington D.C.:

“I am most thankful for Sharpie markers and Papermate wideline white-out tape!”

Holly Lange, RID, IIDA, LEED AP BD+C, interior designer, HDR Architecture; Design Local Team Austin:

“I would have to say SketchUp! I love being able to shape and mold my ideas into 3-dimensional forms, almost like you would with clay. To add to that, I am especially thankful for the “undo” button!” 

Emily Robinson, HKS   |   HKS Maregatti Interiors; Design Local Team Chicago:

 “Inspiration blogs and trash paper.”

Andrea Michalski, IIDA, LEED® AP, associate, Ziegler Cooper Architects; Design Local Team Austin:

“I’m thankful for a pencil with a good eraser!”

Madelaine Eschrich, interior designer, Forrer Business Interiors; Design Local Team Chicago:

“Rendering software, it gives designers the ability to create in 3D which promotes more accurate design from the beginning. This leads to more beautiful presentation materials and ultimately communicating the design to our clients in a more visually appealing form.”

Bonny Slater, NCIDQ, LEED AP ID+C, project interior designer, Perkins + Will; Design Local Team Washington D.C.:

“I am most thankful for Photoshop.”

Victoria Stemmer, interior designer, JAHN; Design Local Team Chicago:  

"My go-to design tools are very basic but I can't live without them and I always have them on hand no matter where I am:

1. Cross pen that my boyfriend gave me when I started at Murphy/Jahn...(now JAHN)

2. Black fine tip marker

3. A small sketch pad

Oh and of course when im at work a roll of trace is always near by."

What are YOUR favorite design tools? Tell us either on our Facebook or Twitter pages!


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