The Cat Who Sees Red

Plajer & Franz Studio brings Puma’s joyful and innovative Retail 2.0 concept to life with three new stores in London, Munich and Amsterdam.

by Adam Moore


Authenticity has always been, and will continue to be, a primary concern for international brands. After all, how do you remain relevant to a consumer’s unique preferences while still capturing the attention of customers all over the world? How do you define cool, when the definition changes from city to city, country to country?

For global sports and lifestyle brand, Puma, the answer comes in a spate of newly envisioned, locally inspired retail stores across the world. Designed by Berlin-based Plajer & Franz Studio in conjunction with Ales Kernjak, head of global store concepts, Puma Retail AG, these bold spaces have been designed according to the company’s Retail 2.0 concept, which aims to unify innovation, simplicity and local influences, all while following sustainable guidelines.

“Puma’s Retail 2.0 concept is a reflection of the witty and joyful spirit of the company,” says Werner Franz, co-founder of Plajer & Franz Studio. “It aims at strengthening the brand and providing a more joyful shopping experience.”

And a joyful experience it is; the new Puma stores combine a range of local staples with bold colors and lighting to create a stimulating, engaging experience for shoppers. For example, the London store features a façade covered in 3-D images of the city’s iconic telephone booths. Those booths can also be found inside the store, where they function as a display system and dumbwaiter cladding.

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