The Cult of Functionality

Seeking to balance the age-old struggle between form and function, Cyprus-based Pericles Liatsos Designers succeed in creating a sleek and practical space for Deloitte’s new headquarters in downtown Nicosia.

by Robert Nieminen



With economic uncertainty continuing to loom in Greece and other parts of the European Union, it’s rare that you find a piece of good news these days as it relates to the financial markets overseas. While the instability remains with regard to world economies, Deloitte—one of the largest auditing, financial advisory, tax and consulting firms worldwide—recently received some positive news from its Cyprus branch for its new corporate headquarters building in the city of Nicosia.

Thanks to the help of Cyprus-based design and architecture firm Pericles Liatsos Designers, Deloitte’s Cyprus headquarters building recently won the 2011 European Property Award for “Best Office Interior.” Produced in association with Bloomberg TV and Google, the awards have become recognized as one of the highest standards of excellence in the global building and construction industry.

Judging by photographs of the space, it’s not hard to see why Deloitte took the top honors for its new home. Situated in downtown Nicosia and literally towering over its surroundings, the Deloitte building is quickly becoming a landmark in the area. The building has been designed as a modern office facility that boasts a spacious, multipurpose lobby that can double as an exhibition or gathering space, and that acts as a hotspot and junction point of the building. A glass curtain wall façade allows for an abundance of daylight that, combined with high-efficiency lighting fixtures, significantly reduces energy loads.

Creative Director Pericles Liatsos says that the programming concept was very simple, revolving around just two words: “user” and “space,” where the former is viewed as a “fulcrum of functionality in a friendly and elegant environment,” and the latter being described as “a visual expression of functionality, elegance and status.”

“Functionality and aesthetic aspects of every project are usually two aims that exclude each other, and one of them suffers as a result of the other,” says Liatsos. This seeming contradiction between form and function drove many of the design decisions, where the goal was to achieve a symbiosis between the two concepts.

Detailed studies of working processes were undertaken, and both horizontal and vertical hierarchies within the company were identified during programming, which resulted in a practical space layout with clear zoning areas, logical dispersion of small working units, and gathering and meeting points in key areas of the space. The layout of the floors reflect a smooth workflow, functionality and convenience for the end-user; the spacious open floor plan is highlighted by aluminum trim and gray floors, giving the space a sleek, contemporary look and the illusion of motion.

Offices and meeting rooms feature stately furnishings combined with the latest conferencing technology and efficient, yet attractive lighting fixtures. The combination of wood trim and leather offers a touch of luxury and tradition, counterbalancing the modern aesthetic of the high-tech composite materials and patterns found throughout the space.

“The greatest value of our interior design concept is in the uniqueness of details custom-made for this project,” says Liatsos. “Exclusivity and our dedication for ultimate design have been reflected in lighting sources design, furniture, appliances and all other details that make the difference and [place the project in] a class of its own.”


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