Hi-Tech Hotel Features

by Daniel Tack

Hotels have experienced some of the most advanced technological upgrades to provide guests with an elaborate and elegant hi-tech experience.  In the world of hi-end lavish luxuries, hotels are rolling out fantastic features designed to captivate awestruck audiences.

While most of these next-generation advanced hospitality facilities offer huge HD TV’s, wireless internet, VOIP conferencing, and plug and play office compatibility, there are some features that display the direction of advanced amenities.

Let’s look at some of the hi-tech features being offered at some of these innovative establishments. 

Hotel 1000, Seattle WA.

  • Fully converged IP Infrastructure, allowing for room personalization on a whole new level.  Guests expect to control the room temperature, but with an integrated Internet protocol platform, guests are able to control music and even the artwork (via HDTV) featured in the room.
  • Staff communication utilizes Vocera, allowing hands-free voice and data communication among team members by simply speaking name, title, or function
  • Infrared room scanning technology allows the staff to silently check to see if a room is occupied without any knocking or room entry needed.
  • A virtual golf club experience featuring an infrared tracking system that calculates velocity, spin, and ball trajectory with real ball time flight and multiple hitting surfaces with over 680 sensors.
  • First hotel in the United States to offer a 100MB fiber based broadband connection.

Andaz Wall Street, New York, NY

  • Forget checking in at the front desk – You’re able to handle your transactions at Andaz Wall Street on a mobile tablet device, which also functions as your go to guide for hotel support and services.           
  • Respire Hypo-Allergenic Rooms utilize a state of the art air-purification system and complete disinfectant process.  Features air purification by Healthway, certified as a Class II Medical device by the F.D.A.

theWit, Chicago, IL.

  • ROOF, a 7000 square foot rooftop bar boasting firepits, live music, and telescopes.
  • Rooms sensors capable of change the temperature based on the body heat in the room
  • SCREEN multimedia theater accommodates up to 40 for  private screenings, broadcasts or business presentations.               
  • Web surfing available directly on the HDTV room units.

Nine Zero Hotel, Boston MA.

  • The Cloud Nine Penthouse suite features iris scan technology – Guests can actually gain access to their room with no card or key, with an eye scan straight out of a science-fiction film.

Hi-Tech Hotel Features, What’s Next?

Fitness centers, boarding pass booths, swanky lounges,  pools, spas, high-speed wireless internet, electronic device room and experience control, and big-screen TV’s have all become par for the course, and hi-tech hotels have adapted to provide the latest in technological developments.  A sight becoming commonplace in advanced hospitality facilities is the inclusion of a Microsoft Surface.

These hi-tech, multi-touch computers act as information & tour guide, entertainment provider, and sometimes even a point of sale proponent.  Microsoft Surface offers advanced hospitality facilities a wide variety of options without the cost of additional staff at a current price ranging from $12,500 to $15,000 per unit.

Hotels are getting creative with high-tech features as well – Aloft Hotels feature a sort of digital “treasure hunt” where tech-savvy guests can use their smartphones to participate in contests by scanning tags or barcodes placed around guest rooms and other hotel areas.

As trends continue, high-tech hotel features will continue to boast the latest and greatest science has to offer, as each ramped-up resort moves to compete with other luxurious lodgings.