Diva/C-L and Credenza/C-L dimmers by Lutron Electronics

Diva/C-L and Credenza/C-L dimmers by Lutron Electronics

Diva/C-L and Credenza/C-L dimmers are the natural progression for those seeking the ambience and energy-efficiency of a dimmer combined with the latest developments in CFL and LED lighting technology.

Diva/C-L and Credenza/C-L dimmers are designed to specifically address issues facing standard dimmers:

  • Lights dropping out: As CFL or LED bulbs are dimmed, they will sometimes turn off before the slider reaches the bottom. Referred to as “drop out,” this makes it extremely difficult to set the dimmer at the right level without bulbs turning off.
  • Lights not turning on: After being dimmed to a low light level and switched off, sometimes CFL or LED bulbs will not turn on until the dimmer’s slider is moved up. This is referred to as “pop-on,” which is especially challenging in 3-way installations, where lights can be turned on/off from different locations, not just with the dimmer.
  • Lights turning off unexpectedly: Dimmable CFL and LED bulbs can be influenced by line voltage fluctuations. As your incandescent bulbs will sometimes dim or flicker when a device such as air conditioning or a hair dryer is used, when dimmed to a low light level a CFL or LED bulb can actually turn off or flicker excessively in those situations.

The Diva/C-L Dimmer is wall mounted, features a large paddle switch and a slider and has a suggested list price of $39.70.

The Credenza/C-L plugs into any table or floor lamp, features slider control and nightlight, and has a suggested list price of $15.

For more information on the Diva/C-L and Credenza/C-L, visit www.lutron.com


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