I&S and Tandus Build the Office of Tomorrow!

I&S and Tandus Build the Office of Tomorrow!

posted on 12/14/2012 by Adam

We’re big fans of design contests here at I&S. (Our current I Like Design student internship contest, which just closed to entries, is evidence of that.) There’s nothing quite like a competition with a nifty prize to get the creative juices flowing.

So when we recently received press kits from Tandus Flooring promoting their new OfficeScape® Contest—complete with miniature metal 3-D office parts that designers are encouraged to assemble, personalize and post to their website for a chance to win an iPad—we thought it was a great opportunity not only to get the word out about this entertaining challenge, but also, to host a little internal contest of our own.

In the spirit of friendly competition, each of us on the editorial staff have assembled and decorated our own Tandus OfficeScape model, which are pictured and described below in our own words. Please take a moment to comment on your favorite (bragging rights are on the line here), and then be sure to visit www.tandus.com for more information on the official contest.

Robert Nieminen, Editor

Deck the halls! That’s the design inspiration for this open office space, where employees are seen putting up holiday decorations. The oversized touch-screen video wall in the conference area encourages collaborative work and displays vital project information to team members. Tandus’ Canopy carpet tiles in Claystone bring this urban office space together with calming earth tones and striated textures.

AnnMarie Martin, Senior Editor

The design team decided to bring the outdoors in with big, beautiful sunflowers, which, along with expansive views of the city, keep employees happy and cheerful. Large-scale holiday decorations also keep them looking forward to some much needed time off. And with a number of working mothers at the office, the design team decided to implement a mother's quiet room, located to the right of the workstation area. This space features Tandus’ Nonconform hybrid resilient and modular flooring.

Adam Moore, Managing Editor

Comfort and fun rule in this modern office—why have it any other way? Desks, workstations and a few informal meeting areas surround a central collaborative area filled with relaxed seating and great views of the downtown, allowing employees to work how and where they want. A baby grand piano acts as a unique and beautiful accent, while providing another creative outlet for the musically inclined among the staff. 

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