Hurricane Lamp (of Choice)

Hurricane Lamp (of Choice)

posted on 12/02/2012 by Grace Jeffers

“Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness” – Chinese proverb

Many people in the Northeastern U.S. could have used an “eternal flame” in the past couple weeks—a light that will burn bright despite power outages, superstorms, nor’easters and blizzards—a true hurricane lamp.  Even better if that dream lamp is not only a serviceable object, but well-designed, technologically modern and environmentally conscious too. The Alessilux line of portable, rechargeable LED lamps meet the criteria.

“Ricordo, which translates to “memory” in Italian, is based on the oil lamp, an object that has long been obsolete, yet which exists in the memory of almost everyone alive today.” --Alessi

Hurricane lamps are really a type of lantern where an oil lamp or candle is fitted with a glass chimney, designed to protect the flame even in high winds. 

This type of lantern has been around since at least the 18th century. The earliest version of these lamps, predating gas or electric power, was a candle set in a base with a glass chimney protecting the flame. Later versions retained the glass chimney, often decoratively cut or etched, and include a base to fill with fuel (whale oil, beeswax, kerosene). Hurricane lamps were commonly used on ships and trains.

Light generally evokes an emotional response in people and the soft glow of a candle or oil lamp is especially atmospheric. But what could the most up-to-date hurricane lamp look like?

Alessi, the stylish Italian manufacturer of household tools has combined emotion and nostalgia with the most cutting edge innovation in lighting. In a partnership with the Foreverlamp Company, Alessi is releasing AlessiLux, a line of LED lights that are at once energy efficient and atmospheric, sustainable and soulful.  

“Lumière revisits old customs with an eye toward the future." --Alessi

The Alessilux collection includes three designs, each of which shows the modern yet playful sensibility of other Alessi products. All the dimmable luminares work by powerful rechargeable batteries, that can last from five hours at full to two or three days! The LED light bulb technology used in the lamps significantly reduces CO2 emissions due to its low energy consumption and long life: more than 80 percent less energy than incandescent and halogen light bulbs.

“Not only does LED technology have a highly positive impact on the reduction of CO2 due to its extremely low energy consumption, but it also gives designers much more freedom because LEDs produce less heat, are smaller and vibration proof. It was a real pleasure to see the designers collaborating with Alessi taking advantage of this and developing amazing new light bulb and luminary shapes,” says Peter S. Shen, president and fouder of Foreverlamp.

“The UFO lamp represents the robots that are so often associated with technology. This particular robot takes us by the hand and shows us the first glimpse of the future of LED technology.” --Alessi

The lamps are currently available through the Alessi flagship stores in New York and San Francisco. To read more about the Alessilux collection, check out this link: