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Ample Sample Launches 2010 Design Challenge


CHATTANOOGA, TN – Returning for its fourth year, Ample Sample 2010 gives designers another chance to transform retired carpet samples into something useful, beautiful or just downright cool.

The contest calls on designers to flex their creative muscle and rethink, reuse and upcycle the stacks of carpet samples flooding their resource libraries. The finalists will be showcased at NeoCon World’s Trade Fair 2010 and featured on the Ample Sample Web site, complete with blueprints and instructions for building their designs.

Ample Sample challenges designers to “Make it useful. Make it beautiful.” and repurpose samples after their usefulness to a design project, to make a design product. Every year do-gooders around the world, from Minneapolis to the Republic of Macedonia, upload their best plans and images of designs that transform samples into a beautiful and/or functional interior product that any designer can create. Recycled materials became valid design elements only because designers chose to see them as such. The same could be true of carpet samples, which are beautiful, fashion-forward, high-performance pieces of textile.

Last year, the judges selected “Shoe-Keeper,” by Wuthichai Leelavoravong, as the 2009 challenge winner. Leelavoravong’s concept was featured at NeoCon along with other finalists, “Magic Carpet Ride,” by Jake Tompkins of JMBC Design, “Mailbox,” by Sean Miller, and “Plush Petal Pendant,” from Heather Wright and Christina Jih.

Criteria for the winning design samples, instructions for entries, and previous year’s winners and finalists are available at The entry deadline is 5 p.m., May 26, 2010.

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