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J&J Wins Evergreen Award for Environmental Focus


DALTON, GA – J&J Industries recently announced that it has been selected as a 2009 Evergreen Award winner. This award, presented by the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA), recognizes efforts in recycling, affirmative procurement and waste reduction. (J&J Industries provides carpet for GSA through its lead brand,
J+J | Invision.)

The 2009 Evergreen Awards were presented to four businesses in the following categories: Furniture – Valley Forge Fabrics; Sports – EcoPlay Playgrounds; Furnishings – J&J Industries; and Technologies & Electronics – Konica Minolta Business Solutions USA. 

“These companies have done an outstanding job in making environmentally friendly options available to GSA client agencies and are committed to demonstrating that green products are a viable option for customers and businesses alike,” says Linda Chero, acting regional administrator and FAS regional commissioner. “We are honored to partner with companies that help to create a more sustainable environment and help build a greener future.”

Winners are evaluated and selected for the Evergreen Award based on five criteria: waste prevention, recycling, affirmative procurement, environmental preferability, and model facility.

J&J Industries’ environmental initiatives are centered around EnAct®, its organization-wide focus on reducing, recycling, reusing, and creating a healthier, more sustainable environment. Some significant EnAct accomplishments the company described in its Evergreen entry include: collection of more than 70,000 pounds of recyclable materials from the Associate Recycling program; diversion of more than 84,000 pounds of waste each year from the landfills through the R4® sample and architect folder return program; recycling of 10 times the amount of industry waste that was landfilled in 2008; and achieving significant reductions in waste management, water consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and electrical consumption.

“This award is a significant acknowledgement for J&J Industries. It represents the hard work and extreme focus of sustainability that our company and employees have felt passionately about for many years,” says David Jolly, president and COO of J&J Industries. 

GSA’s Evergreen Award Program was developed in 1998, at the Integrated Workplace Acquisition Center (IWACenter), formerly the National Furniture Center, to support the federal government’s environmental initiatives. GSA’s IWACenter annually recognizes the efforts of partners who do business in an environmentally friendly way. The program assists GSA’s customers in identifying environmentally preferable products currently on schedule and recognizes the efforts of GSA’s business partners in the areas of recycling, affirmative procurement, and waste prevention. 

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About J&J Industries
Through its commercial carpet brand, J+J | Invision, J&J Industries provides some of most innovative broadloom and modular carpet products available in the commercial market, uniting design vision with performance and budget. The company works proactively to reduce the time and complexity of the bid process, reduce the need for value-engineering and provide customers with products that help create award-winning spaces that meet sustainability demands. For additional information, visit