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Green Purchasing Program Announced


The nonprofit organization, The Green Standard, introduces Green Purchasing Accredited Professional Training.

The Green Standard, co-author with Interiors & Sources of "The Green Guide to NeoCon," introduces Green Purchasing Accredited Professional Training.

Six “On-Line Anytime” Training Modules provide a systematic process for green product selection. The “On-Line Accreditation Exam” certifies understanding of material and how to apply it. The “Green Purchasing Accredited Professional” designation complements Green Globes and LEED. 

Module 1:
Introduction and Understanding the Framework of Best Practices
To overcome the tsunami of greenwash, a system is needed featuring a framework within which all types of product evaluation and selection tools can be viewed with a clear sense of what each covers and contributes to a scientifically robust and user-friendly green/sustainable purchasing program.

Module 2:
Understanding Comprehensive Standards, Certification Programs and EcoLabels
In order to succeed at Green Purchasing, an understanding of the comprehensive programs, or “umbrella programs” that are marketed everyday is required. This module details four major certification programs and/or EcoLabels in order to provide a thorough understanding of what they mean and how to use them.

Module 3:
Understanding Industry-Specific Standards and Programs for Various Product Categories
Like the “umbrella standards” utilizing category specific standards as a means of assisting in green purchasing is a great way to simply the decision making process. However, it is still crucial to understand what is behind these standards and programs in order to ensure that values, principles and achievements are all in line.

Module 4:
Looking at Green Purchasing Tools and Programs
As green purchasing has become more of an area of focus, various tools and programs have been created in order to assist a purchaser with their decision-making process. This module will highlight the major programs covering other product categories.  As well it will discuss in a general manner how all of the EcoLabels can be applied conceptually to complement Green Globes and LEED green building rating systems.

Module 5:
Deeper Understanding: Life Cycle Assessment and Environmental Product Declarations
Utilizing tools as described in Module 4 can be very beneficial when the attributes and issues are already defined and recognized as a part of the tool or program. However, manufacturers are looking toward Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) as a means of transparency in their environmental attributes and impacts. This module covers the necessary principles in order to understand what each is, what to look for and how to use them as a part of your decision-making efforts.

Module 6:
Creating Your Own Green Purchasing Policy
Building on the knowledge of the previous modules, this session will demonstrate how to create a green purchasing policy for your organization that is based on core concepts of sustainability, best practices and specific values of your organization. This module will also discuss strategies to use in enrolling associates in your firm in shaping and implementing a company-wide green purchasing policy.

Module 7:
Accreditation Exam & Certification
The exam consists of 52 multiple choice questions. Certification will be awarded if a minimum score of 75 percent correct is achieved.

About The Green Standard
As a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, The Green Standard develops programs and services that improve human health, productivity and quality of life by advancing sustainable production and consumption. Through its education and training for manufacturers and purchasers, The Green Standard empowers individuals and institutions to look holistically at products by measuring their impacts on people and the planet using science-based tools, and to use fair and transparent resources to communicate the results. Visit to learn more.